The Heroine The Heroine
The Heroine $48.88
Midnight blue gemstone petals encircling a sky blue center form a dazzling flower beneath a cluster of charming pink pearls. Copper and sweet green beads hand weaved into the crown with golden wire. Brilliant leaves, trees, and flowers sprout amongst The Heroine’s golden silhouette. Those who adorn The Heroine will reveal immense courage, nobility, and exceptional achievements within themselves.
The Creator The Creator
The Creator $56.66
A Celestial mix of the bright and powerful sun and moon with two wishing stars positioned on either side. Silver coloring with shining rhinestones. Creators are those who bring life. Those who choose to place The Creator upon their head will carry positivity and abundance to themselves and those around them. Wishing stars will grant the adorner with the ability to create and bring forth cosmic desires.
The Sage The Sage
The Sage $39.99
Charcoal colored rhinestones extend towards the sky to bring forth the energy from the universe. Those adorned with The Sage will hold great power. An entrancing crown with overlapping gems and beads set in gold. Sage is a sanctified herb used for cleansing and purifying spirits and sacred spaces. Sage has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years for its healing properties, and will promote memory and contemplation in the mind of the adorner.
The Rebel The Rebel
The Rebel $37.77
Glowing iridescent gemstones shine in rainbow tones. Rosy hues encapsulate the crown’s beauty and encourage the wearer to be rebellious and alluring. Gems set on gold with earthy patterns resembling branches. The iridescent gemstones are similar to the wings of a butterfly, and the embellisher will feel a sense of lightness and grace. But do not be fooled, The Rebel is also bold and revolutionary.
The Witch The Witch
The Witch $32.22
Mineral green and charcoal gems mixed with frosted white and opaline hand weaved beads. Golden branches and leaves spring flowers interspersed with lustrous pearls. Those who choose to embellish themselves with The Witch will uncover magick and charm to guide them through their journeys.
The Ruler The Ruler
The Ruler $29.99
Sparkling emerald rhinestones perched above a forest of simulated diamonds interlaced with twisting gold patterns. Those who choose The Ruler will gain a sense of power and freedom. The Ruler is said to be one with liberty, intensity, and lawlessness. By choosing The Ruler, one will experience a sense of being the overlord of everyday being.
The Goddess The Goddess
The Goddess $37.77
Dazzling emeralds and sleek silver gems catch the eye with wonder. Entwined with gray and black rhinestones amidst a golden backdrop. Emeralds have been said by our ancient ancestors to bring foresight, balance, and good fortune to those within their care. Wearing The Goddess will grant the wearer with the energy and vitality from higher powers.
The Child of Nature
The Child of Nature $41.11
Intertwined with magickal branches and leaves that connect purple rhinestone flowers and elegant pink flowers laden with pearls. Those who choose to decorate themselves with The Child of Nature will find themselves deeply rooted with the earth, and discover a sense of calmness and peace similar to the feeling of being in the forest, with hints of power and strength from the rushing rivers.
The Warrior The Warrior
The Warrior $49.99
Charcoal gemstones adorn the crown in 13 peaks, symbolizing the birth of a new spirit and the sensational connection to the higher powers. Gems are resting in gold and the foundation of the crown is sprinkled with hand weaved crystalline beads. Those who choose to ornament themselves with The Warrior will discover great strength and resilience to transform their being.
The Visionary The Visionary
The Visionary $61.11
Star bursts of endearment and brilliance illuminate surroundings with powerful captivation. Stars symbolize divine guidance and protection. Wearers of The Visionary will be cherished and protected, and will hold the power to look into the future with wisdom and imagination.