Blood Stone - Raw


Blood Stone - Raw

Product description

Known as Heliotrope, Plasma, Green Jasper

Place in a bowl of water in your bedroom near your bed. This ensures good sleep and wards off nightmares. Bloodstone can also be carried in a pocket or bag to add extra protection wherever you may go.

Practical Use Case: sleep, energy, motivation, fatigue, courage, self esteem, protection, grounding

Chakra: root

Healing: wound healing, mood stabilization, sleep disorders or difficulty, prevention of illness, circulation, anemia, nose bleeds

Astrology: Pisces

History/Lore: Bloodstone is also known as Heliotrope, meaning solstice in Greek. Bloodstone is thought to have many healing powers. It was common in ancient Greece to press the Bloodstone against wounds. Bloodstone is connected to the Christian religion, as it was said that the Bloodstone was at the foot of the cross when Jesus died and that the drops of blood that he shed landed on the stone creating its signature red markings. 

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