Blue Sand Goldstone


Blue Sand Goldstone

Product description

Known as: Aventurine Glass, Gold Star, Star Stone, Monk's Gold

The best way to use Blue Goldstone is to wear it. This will bring forth positive energy and life in your everyday journeys.

Practical Use: Energy, healing, positivity, vitality, commitment, goal setting and exceeding, communication, empathy, confidence, courage, creativity, grounding

Healing: eases hypersensitivity, self acceptance, best choice of stone for empaths as it helps to clear the throat chakra and aid in communication

Chakras: heart, crown, throat

Astrology: Sagittarius

History/Lore: Blue Goldstone was first created in medieval times. The story goes that a monk was making glass and dropped copper pieces into the glass by accident. He was astonished at the beauty he created in the glass, and Blue Goldstone came to be. Blue Goldstone protects from negative energies and fosters imagination, belief in oneself, and new ambitions. 

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