Clear Quartz - Raw


Clear Quartz - Raw

Product description

Known as: Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal, "The Master Healer"

Clear Quartz should be placed anywhere in the house where it will receive light from both the sun and the moon. It is a good idea to place Clear Quartz on a windowsill or near to houseplants, as it will promote vitality and growth. You can even bury Clear Quartz in the soil of a garden to aid in plant growth. 

Practical Use Case: protection, healing, spiritual growth, balance, memory, concentration, success, cleansing, positivity, clearing of the mind

Chakra: Balances all the chakras, but especially connected to the Crown chakra

Healing: immunity, removal of toxins, metabolism, weight loss, depression, anxiety

Astrology: Aries, Leo

History/Lore: The ancient Egyptians used Clear Quartz as a good luck charm, thought to have magical powers that would prevent aging and enhance beauty. Crystal Quartz was named in ancient Greece, and translates to "icy water." Clear Quartz was thought to be a type of magical ice that never melted. 

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