Dragon Blood Jasper - Raw


Dragon Blood Jasper - Raw

Product description

Known as: Dragon Stone, Dragon Blood Stone

Place Dragon Blood Jasper over your heart when meditating and take deep breaths. Imagine your heart opening up and accepting the healing power of the stone. Doing this every day or a few times a week will help strengthen relationships, improve self love, and find courage.

Practical Use: money, love, goal setting and reaching, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, balance, intent, bravery, determination, healing of the mind, heart, and soul, communication, bettering oneself, manifestation, passion, courage, wisdom

Healing: grief, trauma, circulation, heart disease or other heart problems, enhances fertility, aids in diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, pain relief especially in the back, immunity, spleen and stomach healing, colds and flu

Chakra: Heart and root

Astrology: Leo

Pair with: Rose Quartz

History/Lore: Dragon Blood Jasper was first found in South Africa and Australia. There is a legend that says Dragon Blood Jasper is actually made of petrified ancient dragons -the green coloring, a mineral called epidote, is said to be the skin and scales of the dragon while the red coloring, piemontite mineral deposits, is said to be the dragon's blood. Dragon Blood Jasper has Kundalini energy, meaning energy of the dragon.