Moss Agate Spherocube


Moss Agate Spherocube

Product description

Known as: "Mocha Stone"

Place your Moss Agate in the most southeastern part in your home. This will bring abundance and prosperity.

Practical Use Case: Emotional balance, peace and tranquility, help with strong aggression, increases self-esteem, balancing of energies, connection to the earth, nurtures relationships, meditation, creativity

Healing: boosts immune system, anti-inflammatory, digestive health, heart health and circulation, brain chemical imbalances, mood disorders

Chakra: Heart

Astrology: Virgo

Compatibility: Blue Lace Agate, Tiger's Eye, Green Aventurine

History/Lore: In the 18th century, farmers in Europe would hang Moss Agate from the trees and even from the horns of their cows because Moss Agate was known to bring about an abundant harvest. Moss Agate was known as both a warrior stone and a gardener's stone, truly encompassing the powerful and nurturing sides of Moss Agate.