Product description

Known as Argenon, Sea Opal, Opal Moonstone, and Ice Cream stone

Place Opalite in the space where you make most of your decisions. Opalite will guide you toward the right choice even in crucial times. Opalite can also be placed on your third eye to boost creative thoughts and provide clarity. 

Practical Use Case: clearing of the mind, meditation, communication, strength, grounding especially during times of change, understanding oneself, decision making, youth, creativity, wonder, curiosity, comfort, positivity, kindness, compassion, attracts customers to businesses, harmony, energy, tranquility

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

Healing: Reduces fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, arrythmias, heart attacks, heartbreak, difficulty breathing, trauma, cleansing of the kidneys and blood

Astrology: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Compatibility: Opal, Goldstone, Clear Quartz

History/Lore: Opalite has been around for about 20 million years. Opalite was first noted in literature in 1945. Pierre Gilson, a French chemist, made the first simulated Opalite in 1972, before sharing his creation with Japanese manufacturers. Opalite inspires and supports fresh beginnings, clearing of the mind, and the hope and curiosity of a young child.