Blue Angelite


Blue Angelite

Product description

Known as Anhydrite, Angel Stone

Place your Angel Stone in an area of peace inside your home. Whether that be your bedroom, living space, sacred area or anywhere else, Blue Angelite will help foster peace and serenity. It is also thought that if you rub Blue Angelite on your body, it will cleanse and make room for positivity and light.

Practical Use Case: Calming, connection to lost loved ones, wisdom, knowledge, peace, balance, positivity, communication, protection

Chakra: Throat, crown, third eye

Healing: stress, emotional trauma, depression, thyroid imbalances, circulation and heart, headaches, weight loss, disease

Astrology: Aquarius

Pair with a Quartz, or any other stone that provides protection

History/Lore: Blue Angelite was first found in 1987 in Peru. Angelite means "without water" as there is no water within the stone. Blue Angelite is also called Angel Stone because it is thought to bring about deep connections with spiritual guides and loved ones who have transitioned into angels.