Product description

Known as "Mook Jasper," Mookalite, Australian Jasper

Place your Mookaite under your pillow when you sleep to boost your immune system and get a healthy night's rest. When you are going through a big change in your life, keep Mookaite near to help you feel grounded and supported through both difficult and exciting times.

Practical Use Case: cleansing, balance, grounding and connection with the earth, protection, strength, positive energy, calm, aids during periods of change or transition in life, helps with decision making, loneliness

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Healing: boosts immune system, physical healing of injuries including the repairing of tissues and organs, stress, reverses the effects of aging, cystitis, high blood sugar, kidney and bladder issues, supports fluid intake, digestive system health, healthy pregnancies and protection of the unborn child, weight loss, memory

Astrology: Cancer, Capricorn

Compatibility: Green Quartz, Spotted Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite

History/Lore: Mookaite was originally found in Australia in Mooka Creek. The word Mookaite means "whitewater." Australian aborigines were the first to see Mookaite's strong healing properties. Mookaite is believed to be a stone of Mother Earth that has powerful earth energies within it. These energies are harnessed with Mookaite to heal and protect.