Ruby Zoisite - Raw


Ruby Zoisite - Raw

Product description

Known as "Tanganyika Artstone," "Anyolite"

Place in the palms of your hands when meditating to clear your mind and increase psychic abilities and interdimensional travel. 

Practical Use: creativity, relaxation, finding oneself, spiritual learning, self confidence, courage, vitality, growth, wealth, passion, satisfaction, protection, reduces bitterness and jealousy, empathy, endurance, happiness, joy, releases pain, harmony

Chakra: Crown

Healing: Heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, releasing of suppressed anger, brings hidden feelings to the surface, depression, adrenal fatigue, boosts immune system, increases blood circulation, boosts fertility, alleviates menstrual pain, helps with all gynecological and sexual issues, detoxifies the body, treats infections, reduces fever, regulates metabolism and weight loss/gain, eases motion sickness, boosts connection between heart and brain

Astrology: Gemini

Compatibility: Tanzanite, Sapphire

History/Lore: Ruby Zoisites were first discovered in 1954 in Tanzania. Ruby Zoisite is often used as decoration, and is carved into animals because of its beauty. It is also known as "Anyolite" because the Masai word for green is "anyoli" referring to its green zoisite coloring mixed in with the pink ruby.